The Future Has Finally Arrived: Carbon Fiber Yacht Cleaning Tools By YotStik. Pick Up The Future...


YotStik Carbon, Because We Care: Our mission is to make yacht maintenance easy for the crew and safe for the yacht. No more fatigue from cumbersome equipment. No more heavy metal poles scratching the perfect Awlgrip finish. Pick up the future: YotStik!

D E S I G N E D   B Y   Y A C H T   C R E W ,   F O R   Y A C H T   C R E W ! 

Yachts have achieved amazing design refinements with the advent of better raw material: wood to steel, steel to aluminum, aluminum to fiberglass, fiberglass to kevlar, kevlar to carbon fiber.

We've jumped a few missed advents in the yacht cleaning-tool evolution to catch up.

W E L C O M E   T O   Y O T . S T i K   C A R B O N

The synthesis of the lightest & strongest raw materials and a dedication to end-user design-elegance, creating a truly ultra lightweight, functional and esthetic yacht cleaning tool system. 


  • Extremely Lightweight

  • Ultra Strong

  • IT FLOATS! (unlike the old aluminum beasts that sink to the bottom)

  • Adjustable length (4'-6' available now, 5'-9' coming soon)

  • Optional carbon fiber shaft-extension snaps in for extended reach (3' and 5' options available to reach the top)

  • Existing brushes are compatible (Simple adapter allows use of the gear you already own)

  • Made in the USA

  • Interchangeable tools: YOTSTiK Double-Decker mop available Now (Twice the material of regular yacht mop)

  • No metal parts to scratch or corrode, no wood to rot...

  • Carbon fiber shaft does not scratch yacht finish

  • Ergonomic Handle grip gives unique control and prevents dropping

  • Craftsmanship & Esthetics worthy of fine yachts. (finally, cleaning gear that's as cool as the yacht)

  • We can custom build YotStik to suit your Super Yacht. (built to your specs)

  • Yot-Stik Carbon is the answer to yacht care without damage or fatigue.

Join The Yot-Stik Crew! Free Crew T-Shirt with Purchase while supplies last

Join The Yot-Stik Crew! Free Crew T-Shirt with Purchase while supplies last


Put Down Your Heavy, Antiquated Aluminum Wash Poles; Pick Up The Future...

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