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  • Patent Pending Design

  • Extremely Lightweight

  • Ultra Strong

  • IT FLOATS!  (unlike the old aluminum beasts that sink to the bottom) We augment the natural buoyancy with internal floatation to assure your gear dose not disappear!

  • Adjustable length (Standard Stik 48" - 74" / 122cm - 188cm or XL  Stik 70" - 116" / 178cm - 295cm)

  • Won't scratch or ding your perfect finish.

  • Existing brushes are compatible instantly. Just snap in and get washing.

  • Ergonomic top grip gives amazing control and prevents dropping; Mid-shaft grip adds comfort and anti-slip

  • Adjustment detents are clearly marked to make telescopic adjustments simple and fast.

  • Proprietary removable handle and Patent Pending Stik-Stak system enables joining 2 Stiks together for greater reach. 2 Standards reach 11 feet, 2 XL’s reach 17.5 feet, 1 Standard & 1 XL reach 14.5 feet

  • Our removable handle becomes a short Stik. Just snap your mop or squeegee into the handle for close quarter cleaning.

  • Proudly assembled in the USA

  • Interchangeable tools

  • No inferior parts to corrode or rot...

  • Craftsmanship & Esthetics worthy of fine yachts. (finally, cleaning gear that's as cool as the yacht)

  • Yot-Stik Carbon is the answer to yacht care without damage, fatigue or loss by sinking.

About Us

  • Built by Crew 4 Crew

The nexus of the Yot•Stik Carbon brand was organic. It spawned from a rather brisk, after work, 7 mile SUP adventure. A paddling frenzy that left us feeling better than when we’d  started. But how could that be? Just the day prior we’d complained about washing the 100’ yacht we crew while short staffed; it left us sore and fatigued. What was the difference between the two seemingly similar tasks? Shazam! It was the high end carbon fiber race paddles we use vs the old, cumbersome Shurhold pole. The weight difference was extraordinary. Could it be so simple? Could a lightweight pole be a big benefit? A hack saw, a bit of duck-tape and a dash of moxie answered the question: Yes! A true better-mousetrap game-changer formed as a $450 elite CF SUP paddle was sacrificed. It was never a business idea. It was simply cobbling together a usable alternative to the antiquated heavy metal wash poles we had been reluctantly using for 30+ years. It was simply a personal mission to make our life aboard the yacht easier; which we did. Subsequently we made life easier for the yacht as well. Not only did we create an ultra-lightweight telescoping pole that ended fatigue and made wash down enjoyable, we accidentally made a tool that didn’t damage the yacht. No more metal scratching the paint & varnish. It was a magical moment. Then we discovered one more benefit: buoyancy. Yup, it floats…

Clearly we could not keep this idea to ourselves, so Yot•Stik Carbon was born. Born & Continually Evolving. We never stop thinking of new ways to make our Stiks better. We use our gear every day. We are not a Company first, we are Yacht Crew first. Just like you. And we hope every crew will have the chance to Pick Up The Future of Yacht Care. Remind your captain that he/she is not still using a sextant or loran for navigation. Why should the deck team be stuck in the dark ages? 

Thank you for your interest in our brand. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We are always happy to chat.


The Yot•Stik Carbon Crew